Yay Games!

25 Jul

June/July EGP – Casual Addiction

Didn’t quite get my April submission finished (though I may finish it sometime anyway) and didn’t even try for May, but here is my Experimental Gameplay Project submission for June/July. The link to the theme however is pretty tenuous, I thought it up whilst sitting next to bubble wrap. I figured popping bubble wrap was [...]

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14 Mar

March EGP – 10 Seconds

After failing to finish my February game, I have managed to complete March’s! Yay! It is a very simple game, done in a day or two.

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03 Feb

Experimental Gameplay Project

I decided to try and start participating in the Experimental Gameplay Project. Seems like it’ll be good practice and fun. I was working on a little game where you’re a dragon, burning shit! But little monthly games seem like a nice distraction.

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