Didn’t quite get my April submission finished (though I may finish it sometime anyway) and didn’t even try for May, but here is my Experimental Gameplay Project submission for June/July.

The link to the theme however is pretty tenuous, I thought it up whilst sitting next to bubble wrap. I figured popping bubble wrap was casually addicting, so I set out to make a game about popping bubbles!


Apparently only the heads of adult jellyfish can pop bubbles!

Pretty simple, move your mouse to make the jellyfish follow and stop the bubbles taking your babies off the top of the screen!

Two powerups:

Lightning bolt, makes you go faster! Every one you collect adds 5 seconds to the duration.

Explosion, shoots out a bunch of ball things that pop any bubbles they hit. Click the mouse to shoot.

Windows user can download here. (Just unzip and run bubbles.exe).

Linux and Mac users (and windows users) can also run it using Löve2D version 0.6.*

Download the .love game file here.