After failing to finish my February game, I have managed to complete March’s! Yay!

It is a very simple game, done in a day or two.


Get those greens! Quick!

The aim of the game is to collect all the green circles whilst avoiding the reds.

Each level (there are 11) starts with 10 seconds on the clock, hitting green circles gives you an extra second, hitting reds takes off a second. That’s all there is to it.

Control with Arrow Keys or Joystick/pad (needs to be analogue, I use Xbox 360 pad)

Space/Enter to select in menus (button 1 on pad)

Any key/button to pause in game.

I HIGHLY recommend using a pad if possible, keyboard is much harder!

Windows user can download here. (Just unzip and run 10Seconds.exe)

Linux and Mac users (and windows users) can also run it using Löve2D. Though will need version 0.5.0.

Download the .love game file here.